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I had a contest a couple of months ago, I asked people to nominate a {very} deserving mama for a free newborn mini session (which I upgraded for her 😉 ). Hands down the most people nominated this amazing lady, Tashay, by a landslide.  There is no question in my mind why. Tashay had 2 gorgeous children, {S} and {K} and we have known them for years (I went to high school with Tashay!). When I had children we reconnected (and to say she was helpful is the understatement of the year). Tashay then gave her body to two mamas that needed help carrying a baby. She was a surrogate not once, but TWICE. Yes, had two children for other people! {Strong} doesn’t even cover it. I was privileged enough to actually be in the delivery rooms for both births, was incredible to say the least. To see her carry a baby for 9 months, and then hand that baby over to their mama & daddy with a smile on her face was amazing.  Being by her side was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Now it was her turn. She met an amazing man, {K}, and they had a gorgeous baby boy, {Kairo}! They are so blessed to have three gorgeous children with hearts of gold. They are sweet, compassionate, caring and incredible people and role models.

I was honored once again to photograph Tashay’s children ❤

Thank you for trusting me with your babies!


{Black & White}


Let me start off by saying I {love} black and white photography. My favorite images are taken on film, that are converted to a deep, raw, matte black and white finish. That being said, it takes a lot for me to convert an image to black and white and for me to truly love it and feel it.  To make a photograph black and white I need to feel raw emotion, it is not just an image of a person, it is the feeling I get when I scroll through the images.

This family was different. I have never done so many black and whites and loved them so much! I always have a couple of them, and that being said I haven’t done a family session in quite some time since becoming a newborn specialist, but I was fulfilling a package and I’m so glad I got to see them again! I photographed Hudson at just a week old (AND 8 days…don’t ask lol) and now I get to photograph him again. I love it!

Here are ONLY the B&W images from there session that I thought I would share with you. Would love to hear your feedback!



{Big News!}


Well everyone, I have some REALLY exciting news! Earlier this year I announced that I would only be doing newborn photography because that is truly my passion. I was amazed at the reaction of my clients who were not only understanding, but supported my big decision.  Much to my surprise, I have had my busiest year yet! Thank you all so much for keeping me booked with sessions, this “job” of mine is incredible and I’m so lucky that you all have trusted me with your new life to capture one of the most special times in your family’s life.

But you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging after you had that baby and needed pictures of your family, right?! Well guess what, I have partnered with an INCREDIBLE photographer.  Amy Vaccaro is a local photographer that matched my style exactly.  We focus on the love of the family in a gorgeous outdoor setting. She is kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and takes the time to get to know your family and individual needs and wants. Then she will deliver an incredible gallery to choose from which I know you will be in awe of.  Here is what Amy has to say!

“Capturing genuine moments and emotion through my camera’s lens is a joy for me.  I pride myself in having a friendly, unobtrusive, and patient style.  My specialty is working in natural light and environments to create classic timeless images for clients to enjoy for years to come.  Building relationships with each family, seeing them grow through the years, is such a gift.  Knowing that the portraits captured will be cherished for years to come, bringing happiness to the families, provides me with great fulfillment.” -Amy

Fine Life LLC Website Portfolio Home


So for all of your non-newborn needs, contact Amy at Fine Life Photography! We are a great team that I know you will not be disappointed in! Check out her latest work on facebook!

Thank you all for your constant support of our small business, we look forward to working with you!



{Mia Brady}


Oh Hello Gorgeous! I was so excited when Mia’s mommy, who I have known for MANY years, contacted me for the second time in 2 years, YES she was having another gorgeous baby girl! I was so excited! I truly love seeing clients again, I love following their little family and capturing some a short and precious time in their life.  Siena, her big sis, was such an adorable baby, I knew Mia would be too! She was perfect! Thank you so much to her mommy and daddy for choosing me yet again to capture their newborn photos.  Enjoy this sneak peak of baby Mia.



{Riley Newborn}


Well this sweet girl was one of my most favorite sessions to date. When the mom says “just do what you do” and lets me choose the accessories I follow my heart and my style and this is what comes out of it. I love neutrals! I love when the colors don’t get in the way of the focus of the sweet new life.  I love when that little face shines through, those little wrinkly hands, those cute little toes, I love everything about it.

If your style matches mine then contact me! I do have some other colors in my stash but these are by far favorite colors with the perfect little model.  Thank you to Riley’s mama for choosing me to photograph her sweet girl!

{newborn photography}


Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been so quiet this year, but it’s a good thing because I’ve been so busy! I am LOVING all of these newborn sessions this year and I’m so excited to have started to focus solely on this stage of life. It is where my heart is and I know all of my clients can tell when I work with them 🙂 If you haven’t checked it out, I have some new packages I’m offering like a hospital session combined with a newborn session, and I have a brand new newborn mini session that is perfect for birth announcement photos.  Soon I’ll be offering birth announcements as well!

Sad that I won’t be doing family sessions? No worries! I brought on a partner who is AMAZING and has the same style as me, stay tuned for that announcement in the coming months! She will take care of all of your family needs, contact me for more information!

To book your newborn session email me today!

Until then, I will be blogging some recent sessions I’ve done in 2017 starting out with this little cutie 🙂 Enjoy!

{Happy Holidays} from ThreeBabies Photography by Ilyssa Maisano


Happy Everything! No matter what you all are celebrating tonight, I hope it is a wonderful one with your family and surrounded by the people you love.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to spend the holidays with their family so if you are, look around, and feel thankful for what you have tonight.  I wanted to take this time, before I take a week off, to thank my clients this year. This was by far my most successful year and I appreciate every single one of you.

To my newborn clients: Thank you for trusting me with your little ones. It means the world to me to be a small piece of their first week of life and to create lasting memories for you and your family to cherish for years to come. To look back on those images during that short period of time that we captured, and smile at where you began your life with your newest family member.

To my family clients: Thank you for spending the fall season with me. It was a crazy busy season but I truly enjoyed seeing each one of you and capturing you and your family in the truest state.  Love, laughter and joy, with a couple tantrums here and there 😉 Here are just some of the many families I photographed this fall. Thank you to each one of you and I hope you have a fantastic holiday break with your little ones!

Here is to 2017! Cheers!




{featured image of my family by Photography By Jen Davis}