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Monthly Archives: September 2016

{Blanchard Family Fall Session}


Fall sessions are upon us! The fall location is growing in beautifully and I was so happy to see that for the Blanchard Family last night!

I look forward to this season so much as this year I am busier than ever, and no better way to kick off the season with these three cuties! I have to say I am partial to them mostly because of how much I love them <3, but it is still so much fun to get to photograph them as much as I do!

This session was taken in honor of Aiden’s 8th birthday! I am so proud of the boy you have become. You are sweet, kind, caring, will do ANYTHING for your little sisters, and you are an amazing friend to my four kids and all of those that surround you. Happy Birthday Aiden!

{Shaun Jr.}


To say this little one is the cutest baby ever is an understatement 😉 Let me start out by saying his mommy and I went to middle school together, and I’m pretty sure that was the last time I saw her up until a couple of months ago! We have been chatting through social media and I was just in awe of her as a mom.  Little Shaun is her fifth baby, she is a total rock star mommy! Not only that, but she home schools them all.!!! I wish I had her courage and motivation to do that, it is incredible! I have to tell you, my husband always fought me on the idea of homeschool, and after meeting this amazing family with the sweetest, friendliest, kindest, most talented and smart children, he completely changed his mind about the whole idea, and I don’t blame him, they are each incredible all due to their parents! Nakia and Shaun are raising amazing children and its no surprise that they went for one more.  Shaun Jr. is the absolute perfect addition to their family of seven.

I was so incredibly blessed to spend the day snuggling this little guy, he was just the sweetest and I could not stop hugging him! Besides the fact that my eldest, Layla, asked about 100 times if we could keep him lol.  I already told his mommy and daddy to go away on vacation so we can take all the kids, they seriously rock.

Here is a little peek into Shaun Jr.’s newborn session, I look forward to watching him grow as well as watching our friendship grow with this incredible family.  To read more about this amazing home schooling family you can read Nakia’s blog!