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{Happy Holidays} from ThreeBabies Photography by Ilyssa Maisano


Happy Everything! No matter what you all are celebrating tonight, I hope it is a wonderful one with your family and surrounded by the people you love.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to spend the holidays with their family so if you are, look around, and feel thankful for what you have tonight.  I wanted to take this time, before I take a week off, to thank my clients this year. This was by far my most successful year and I appreciate every single one of you.

To my newborn clients: Thank you for trusting me with your little ones. It means the world to me to be a small piece of their first week of life and to create lasting memories for you and your family to cherish for years to come. To look back on those images during that short period of time that we captured, and smile at where you began your life with your newest family member.

To my family clients: Thank you for spending the fall season with me. It was a crazy busy season but I truly enjoyed seeing each one of you and capturing you and your family in the truest state.  Love, laughter and joy, with a couple tantrums here and there 😉 Here are just some of the many families I photographed this fall. Thank you to each one of you and I hope you have a fantastic holiday break with your little ones!

Here is to 2017! Cheers!




{featured image of my family by Photography By Jen Davis}

{Well Project 101}


To say my heart is exploding with happiness and pride is the understatement of the year.  As many of you know, I run a 501(c)3 organization called The Growing Hearts of Africa Foundation. To put it very shortly, we raise money to 1. build elementary schools in the underserved areas of Ethiopia 2. find life-saving heart and spine surgeries through the work of CNN Hero Dr. Rick Hodes and 3. fund doctors from America to go to different countries throughout Africa to perform surgeries.  We also do things to better the communities that we serve such as building latrines and wells where necessary.  My 3rd child, Nahla, who is just 6 years old was asking questions the other day about how the children in Ethiopia live, what I experienced when I was there, and what is important to them. Just to ask those questions alone was making me proud of her. Then all on her own she said, “Mommy, I want to build a well with money that I earn so that they can all have clean water and they can do things like go to school and work instead of spending all their time trying to find the water. And then they will have clean water so they don’t have to get sick so much”.  She wants to earn money to donate it all?! YES! So Nahla came up with the plan of earning money by doing things like chores around the house and a hot chocolate delivery service to our neighbors/family ;).  So far she has earned $7 out of $5,000 and she is as motivated as ever.  I have not been more proud many times in my life.  What a motivated 6…almost 7 year old! She said she is going to share this with her friends and maybe they will want to help too!

The first step of course was to make the money box and put her first couple of dollars in it. The pride on her face says it all. I will be blogging Nahla through her journey until she reaches her goal of $5,000 to build her well in Ethiopia. Follow her journey here!