ThreeBabies Photography by Ilyssa Maisano

Capturing the Moments of the People you Love



Newborn sessions are definitely my soft spot. Everyone asks me if I want another one because I seem to be so relaxed, confident and happy around my newborn clients. True, I LOVE other people’s newborns, but I also love my sleep lol. I feel like I put in the time having 4 kids of my own (three within 11 months!) which kind of all feels like a blur, but it was the best blur in the world. I feel so lucky to have had kids the way I did. I got the best of both worlds and feel so blessed. So do I want another baby in the future? I dont think so, but as my husband says, we can never be too sure of anything 😉

For now, I’m thankful that my long time friend, Erin, brought her sweet boy for me to cuddle! Thank you so much for driving all the way from Connecticut so that I could spend time with you. I love you all very much!

Here is a sneak peek into Hudson’s session!



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