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{Personal Share} Horse Show


Every now and again I will break out my “big girl camera” for personal events, things that are extra special that I know I will not want to forget and/or get lost in my extra large gallery of pictures on my phone! Sunday was a special day for my daughter Nahla, it was her very first horse show at Heritage Stables.  This is a fantastic stable that is so supportive in their teacher, focusing on the comfort of the child, teaching them to not only ride, but also care for the horse and take responsibility.  Horse back riding has been amazing for Nahla. She is motivated and more confident than she ever has been before.  My Nahla (6 years old) is a very shy, reserved child with anything that takes place outside of the comfort of our home, so for her to agree to do a horse show was a big deal! Not only that, my girl got first prize in one of the classes! So incredibly proud of her, and more importantly, she was so proud of HERSELF! She came in 2nd overall!


We are also got to watch my incredible niece, Tamar, ride.  I have never seen her ride before and like Nahla, Tamar is a timid girl who shines with confidence when riding. Not only that, she came in FIRST overall!  Riding has done wonders for these girls and Jen and I could not be more proud of them.  Here is a little preview of our girls!


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