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Monthly Archives: August 2014

{Blanchard Family}


It’s that time of year again, another Blanchard Birthday! I met Aiden when he was in mommy and me class and he was only three years old.  For his mommy and {me} it was friendship/love at first sight! I was just telling my husband the other day that we are going to grow old with this family and I could picture us, 80 years old, sitting around and still laughing every second we are together.  That is what friendship is all about and I’m so glad that our kids are just as close! This was also a special session because little Mazie had her first family photo session! 

Happy 6th Birthday Aiden George! xoxo



Blanchard 060 Blanchard 119 Blanchard 145 Blanchard 229 Blanchard 244 Blanchard 282 Blanchard 303 Blanchard 332 Blanchard 343 Blanchard 346 Blanchard 353 Blanchard 491 Blanchard 510 Blanchard 532 Blanchard 577 Blanchard 589

{Kaylen Marie}


KiraFamilyNewborn 028 KiraFamilyNewborn 081 KiraFamilyNewborn 115 KiraFamilyNewborn 119 KiraFamilyNewborn 160 KiraFamilyNewborn 226 KiraFamilyNewborn 232 KiraFamilyNewborn 236 KiraFamilyNewborn 282 KiraFamilyNewborn 294 KiraFamilyNewborn 364 KiraFamilyNewborn 371 KiraFamilyNewborn 377 KiraFamilyNewborn 401 KiraFamilyNewborn 411 KiraFamilyNewborn 429 KiraFamilyNewborn 468 KiraFamilyNewborn 498 KiraFamilyNewborn 520In the same week that I had my youngest newborn, I had my oldest newborn as well! She was an absolute dream baby and slept so well for me and opened her eyes just in time for me to catch those baby blues.  Kaylen is a gorgeous little girl with parents who are as sweet as can be.  She is one very lucky and very loved little girl.  This photo session was taken on mama’s birthday and the way she glowed and her smile told me that she was having quite the birthday with her two favorite people in the world.  I feel so lucky to have not only capture their little girl as a newborn, but I truly look forward to photographing her for her 6 month and 1 year old birthdays! 

Kaylen, stay sweet little girl and I can’t wait to see you again ❤



Hi, I’m {Hailey}


Meet Hailey! She is my youngest newborn to date, less than 5 days old! What a cutie she was, her parents are so lucky! I was introduced to her parents by a friend and I’m so glad I was. The love is just pouring out of them and this little girl is going to be one spoiled little thing 😉 I always see that babies are so calmed and comforted by their mommies, but this daddy was just as involved and impressive.  He loved that little girl so much, it felt like he was wearing his heart on his sleeve. Incredibly sweet to watch the loving and bonding going on with this brand new family.  I feel honored to have capture their little girl in the first couple days of her life.  hailey newborn 083 hailey newborn 090 hailey newborn 132 hailey newborn 132close up hailey newborn 137 hailey newborn 175 hailey newborn 257 hailey newborn 263

{Colin 6 Months}


Remember baby Colin? That adorable little newborn boy with his gorgeous mama? 6 months has certainly flown by for me and I’m sure it has for Erin & Steve as well! Their little boy is still just as content, calm & cute as he was 6 months ago.  I truly enjoyed my time with little Colin and so did my daughter! She came with me for the first time ever for a photo session and definitely wanted in on that action. But between me and you..I think she has a thing for him 😉 Colin, stay cool little man!

colin 6 months 064 colin 6 months 078 colin 6 months 094 colin 6 months 095 colin 6 months 099 colin 6 months 119 colin 6 months 126 colin 6 months 128 colin 6 months 167 colin 6 months 202 colin 6 months 249 colin 6 months 257 colin 6 months 275 colin 6 months 283 colin 6 months 289 colin 6 months 294 colin 6 months 302