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{Bree is Three}


{Bree Harper}

bree3years 370

I’m not even sure where to start with this little sweet girl.  I have been photographing her since she was in her mama’s belly, she was my first maternity session.  Then I photographed her when she was a newborn and was my first newborn session. I am so lucky to have this little one to practice on because ummm…have you seen that face?! I love this little girl like she is one of my own, and the same goes for her big bro, Aiden.  Her mommy and daddy are some of the closest people to us in the world and I wouldn’t even call them friends, they are truly part of our family.  Bree is spunky, sassy, sweet, cute and gives me hugs and kisses, what more could I ask for?! Her three year old birthday session was a two in one.  We had an adorable tea party and then got to splash in some puddles!! We had so much fun, we both loved every second of it! Here are some of my favorites from both parts of the session!

bree3years 539 bree3years 555 (2) bree3years 466 bree3years 453 bree3years 339 bree3years 312 bree3years 303 bree3years 260 bree3years 101 bree3years 070 bree3years 041 bree3years 020 bree3years 083



Hi. I’m Sam!

samfisher 270

Meet little 3 week new Sam! This is one special, snuggly, sweet little boy.  He is so lucky to be a fourth child in the Fisher Family, so many people to give him so much love every day! He’s got an amazing family with an especially amazing mama.  I’m so lucky to have had the chance to take photographs of this little man and cannot wait to watch him grow up into a sweet little boy.  Sam, you are one lucky guy, welcome to the world!

samfisher 037 samfisher 069 samfisher 080 samfisher 121 samfisher 141 samfisher 163 samfisher 221



Remember that little NICU baby with the most amazing parents ever? Well he came home so quickly thanks to the love of his mama, daddy and big bro Landon plus of course the help of some amazing NICU nurses and doctors.  Wesley is doing amazing and is now almost 8 pounds! I am so happy for the Kimball family, they have the perfect new addition to their family.  I was priveledged enough to go into their home soon after he came home to take some pictures of him in his nursery and I loved every second of it!  I can’t wait to spend more time with this little guy and introduce him to my kiddos next week! I’m so proud of how strong he is just like his big bro who was also in the NICU.  Here are some of my favorites from the session.

WesleyNewborn 028 WesleyNewborn 063 WesleyNewborn 117 WesleyNewborn 158 WesleyNewborn 166 WesleyNewborn 190 WesleyNewborn 218I can’t wait to watch Wesley grow into a handsome little man like Landon.  I’m so lucky to have these little boys in my life!


{Wesley Douglas}



wesleyhospitalpics 006

Born March 3rd at 8:45pm at 35 weeks.  6lbs 14 oz and 18.5 inches.  These are the stats of the newest little love in my life, baby Wesley.  I’ve spoken before about how much I love Wesley’s Mommy, Daddy & Big brother Landon in their maternity session.  Wesley’s mommy is doing fantastic and held this baby in for as long as possible and it paid off. Wesley is a healthy little 35 week-er who is on no support at all and eating like a champ! I was lucky enough to get to go to the hospital today to visit baby Wesley and his mommy and daddy who are completely at ease.  You’d think you might be a little frazzled with a new baby and a 2 year old at home, but nope! They are so content, so happy, like Wesley was always a part of their family.  I feel honored that I was able to go into the NICU to take pictures and most importantly, snuggle the heck out of this little cutie.  I cannot wait until he is safe and sound at home and we get to start having play dates, because you won’t be able to keep me away! This was a quick hospital session, stay tuned for newborn photos within the next week or so! Congrats to Denise, Dustin and big brother Landon on their new little addition, Wesley Douglas! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session.

wesleyhospitalpics 007 wesleyhospitalpics 020 wesleyhospitalpics 023 wesleyhospitalpics 026 wesleyhospitalpics 051 wesleyhospitalpics 060 wesleyhospitalpics 095 wesleyhospitalpics 096 wesleyhospitalpics 098 wesleyhospitalpics 100 wesleyhospitalpics 103 wesleyhospitalpics 105


{Sunday Swimming Ritual}



{Personal Share}  Every Sunday we go swimming as a family.  I’m not a huge fan of swimming…or water for that matter, but I do it because it’s fun with my kids and I want to show them that swimming is healthy for our bodies, great exercise and plus, daddy makes it so much fun!  We started out with swim lessons on Sunday and it turned into just family time once our kids were good enough for us to take over.  We are lucky enough that we can go swimming 365 days a year whether it is raining, snowing, sleeting, too cold, too hot…anything really. We get to look out the windows at the weather and be in a 90 degree pool at my parents house (across the street).  I love this time with my kids and my husband.  There are no computers, no cell phones, no distractions. Just us. Since we have taken them in since they were babies, they feel so comfortable in the water and three out of four kids are swimming on their own which is so helpful for us! They play, the splash, they jump in a hundred different ways, they race to the “deep” and they get tossed a mile away by daddy.  I love our time that we spend together so I just knew one of these days I needed to capture that. I hope that by these pictures you can tell the love we have for each other and the fun we share as a family.

march2 218 march2 224 march2 206 march2 194 march2 189 march2 172 march2 154 march2 148 march2 139 march2 042 march2 078 march2 102 march2 104 march2 106 march2 118 march2 127 march2 135 march2 034 march2 026