ThreeBabies Photography by Ilyssa Maisano

Capturing the Moments of the People you Love

{DeRiggi Family Spring Mini}


I love when I get to photograph my kids friends, I get to really see their cute personalities and Ava was no exception! Ava goes to pre-k with my littlest, Paisley, and she talks about her ALL the time. She is the most fun little silly personality and I love it, and I can see why Paisley does too! Ava also has the sweetest family and is a big sister times two! Her little sister was just as cute and silly and she has a new baby brother too! I loved having my kids all close together and I don’t see many people that do it like we did. They are all so close and such good friends. They will always have each other and you truly couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thank you Lauren for trusting me to capture your family’s love through my eyes. I loved photographing you and look forward to the next time now that you are a photo session convert 😉

Enjoy a sneak peek of the DeRiggi Family!



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