ThreeBabies Photography by Ilyssa Maisano

Capturing the Moments of the People you Love



When a friend of mine from Connecticut told me that she wanted to come down to New Jersey to have me photograph her newborn I was in awe.  So thankful she gave me that chance to not only hug her, but snuggle her sweet baby boy.  I knew Erin would be a good mother, but I had no idea how easily she would take to it (actually, kind of annoying that it was so easy for her hah).  Steve and Erin worked together as parents should and it showed, Colin was sweet, snuggly, content and one happy little baby boy.  They are so lucky that this little boy is one they can call their own, and he is equally as lucky to have these amazing parents.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a lot of pressure with this photo session. Coming all this way, over 2 hours, with a one week old for pictures, by me.  I needed and wanted it to be perfect so badly.  When they came into my studio, the stresses melted away.  They were so natural and such a gorgeous family, I truly feel blessed to have been able to photograph them.  The pictures brought tears to my eyes, the emotion in their faces, in their eyes was like no other but a mommy and daddy’s love for their new baby boy, their first child.  Thank you Erin and Steve for giving me this opportunity to photograph Colin, I can’t wait to see him again! xoxocolin newborn 013bw colin newborn 015 colin newborn 045 colin newborn 059 colin newborn 126 colin newborn 129 colin newborn 131 colin newborn 136 colin newborn 153 colin newborn 206 colin newborn 209 colin newborn 217 colin newborn 235 colin newborn 246

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